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Plainvilleclear.jpg (50554 bytes)
Aug 22-24, 2003 Plainville CT Fireman's Balloon Rally
On a clear day.. you can see Long Island

am rr park.jpg (97701 bytes) limo.jpg (94570 bytes) crew chief.jpg (69711 bytes) Crew.jpg (68910 bytes) good company.jpg (73289 bytes) splash n dash.jpg (60734 bytes) pack up.jpg (89015 bytes)
Aug 15-17, 2003
Great Falls Lewiston Auburn, ME
 Launch RR pk, Chase vehicle, Crew chief won't get out, Crew breakfast, Good company, Splash n dash, Pack up help

NJFB03.jpg (72044 bytes)
July 2003  NJFB Readington NJ A good time was had by all.

Grnfld03.jpg (57645 bytes)  grn03pm.jpg (90906 bytes)  Grn03reflect.jpg (59942 bytes)  MVC-058S.jpg (152483 bytes)

July 2003 Greenfield MA 
Saturday morning took first place in the Hare and Hound contest
Saturday afternoon launch blessed with good weather
Reflections dripped on by a wet basket
A gentle splash and dash thrills the passengers

Hills03.jpg (41846 bytes)

July 2003 Hillsboro NH Another beautiful morning flight.

03Goshen.jpg (37187 bytes)     03GoshenBalloonFest.jpg (71068 bytes)     WU pix.jpg (40587 bytes)    03GoshenBalloonFest2.jpg (157348 bytes)

June 2003 NW CT Balloon Festival and Craft Fair Goshen, CT 
 Goldie and Gus pose for the early morning TV Cameras
Beautiful Saturday afternoon flight

quechee 2003.jpg (212405 bytes)

June 2003 Quechee VT   In the small gorge, down stream of the covered bridge

06 train station.JPG (61244 bytes) 02 Fri glow.JPG (25479 bytes) 12FF on top 1.JPG (27056 bytes) 17helpers.JPG (69065 bytes) MORE

December 2002 Mount Washington Balloon Gathering, North Conway NH 

goshen gus.jpg (47859 bytes)

June 2002 NW CT Balloon Festival and Craft Fair Goshen, CT

Statesville vet balloon.jpg (82797 bytes)

November 2001 Statesville, NC "Vet Center and Calypso Breeze balloons publicity shot" 

Mr Potato Head.jpg (41877 bytes)  potato pancake.jpg (46249 bytes)

"Maine loves the Potato Head" and "potato pancake anyone?"
August 2001
Great Falls Lewiston/Auburn Maine

2001Grt Falls.jpg (51072 bytes)

"splash and dash below the falls"
 August 2001 Great Falls Lewiston/Auburn Maine 

Target run.jpg (52602 bytes) At the X.jpg (55547 bytes)

"ready to drop in line for a run at the target" (right) "lookin good!"
July 2001

NJFB2001.jpg (42940 bytes)

"a real eye full when the skys full"
July 2001 New Jersey Festival of Balloons

OK Time.jpg (51610 bytes) YngHlpr.jpg (55681 bytes)

"Ok you can get out now" (right) "young NH Balloonist helps with the vent line"
July 2001 Hillsboro NH

CheatForst.jpg (50856 bytes)

July 2001 Frank cheats the NH forest for yet another year. 

Hillswalk.jpg (47224 bytes) MrngSun.jpg (52904 bytes)

July 2001 Taking the balloon for a walk in the largest field in Hillsboro NH 

Copy of Quechee 2001.jpg (62057 bytes)

June 2001 Just another "perfect 10" flight in Quechee Vermont.

Conway 2000.jpg (22246 bytes) Conway ready.jpg (43439 bytes)

December 2000 Breathtaking vistas in the shadow of Mount Washington at our North Conway NH get together held the first weekend of December.

Zebra425.jpg (52773 bytes) Mass Ascent436.jpg (66313 bytes) Crowded sky467.jpg (49024 bytes) Favorite 215.jpg (34023 bytes)

October 2000 Truly amazing flying, betwixt and between 1000 other balloons at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. 

NJFB.jpg (52221 bytes)

July 2000 Most of the 125 balloons at the New Jersey Festival of Ballooning end up taking off in spite of this less than perfect morning.

Quechee101.jpg (52083 bytes) Quechee99.jpg (77600 bytes) Quechee97.jpg (79359 bytes)

June 2000 What a thrill! "Shootin the Gorge" at the Quechee VT Rally.

PTreflection.jpg (25910 bytes)

March 2000 Reflections on a perfect maiden voyage.
"2000" Balloon Works FF8 105k cu.ft.  Christened "Party Time" 

P T Smiles.jpg (31630 bytes)

 February 2000 Smiles all around.

Party time inflation.jpg (34252 bytes)

February 2000 Our new arrival's first time out of the bag.

Walkin.jpg (24918 bytes)

June 1999 Kids love our walk in balloon in Greenfield MA

Repairs.jpg (33222 bytes)

June 1999 The girls make some last minute repairs to the walk-in balloon

PostMills.jpg (23792 bytes)

May 1999 Steve flies one of Brian's creations at the Experimental meet at Post Mills VT

Bristol.jpg (32684 bytes)

May 1999 Evening tether is a real crowd pleaser at Balloons over Bristol


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